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November 2008

1958 Hood 1958 Hood, Reverse

1958 Late Original Hood

Excellent condition
Inside is a wear mark from the air cleaner, which doesn't show on the original side. Different from Early 1958 hoods, the hood support mounts on the left hand side.


1959-60 Original Hardtop

All Stainless on top, no major damage. Crack in back window, used front latches included. All Original in great condition.


Red 1955 Steering Wheel Red 1955 Steering Wheel

1955 Steering Wheel

Original, restored to show condition.


1956-62 Restored Original Steering Wheels

Very nicely restored original steering wheels for a 56-7 or 59-62 Corvette, available in most colors and NCRS correct.


1956-62 Orig. Restored Steering Wheel 1956-62 Orig. Restored Steering Wheel 1956-62 Orig. Restored Steering Wheel

1957 Conversion AM/FM Radio

Rechromed face bezel and push buttons, bar is printed "Wonderbar", as on original 1957 AM radio. Custom power pack. Completely rebuilt.


1953-55 Radio Backing Plates

Our own reproduction chrome backing plates: One radio tuner knob, one bass/treble knob.

$90.00 per set

1956-62 Restored Window Regulators
1953-55 Radio Buttons


We are now offering a limited number of 1953-5 radio push buttons. These older reproductions are very good with excellent chrome. As with the newer reproductions for the 1958-62, these attach with allen set screws so you don't have to epoxy them on or ruin your tuner trying to hammer them on to the tuner spades. Good chromers can't do your old buttons for this price!

$100.00 per set of five; $21.50 each

1953-55 Repro. Headlight Bezels

Female Clip Included


repro 53-55 headlight bezels repro 53-55 headlight bezels
53-55 fuel temp with sender gauge 53-55 fuel temp with sender gauge

53-55 Fuel/Temp with Sender Gauges

Restored unit with NOS Temp gauge in NCRS
Show Condition


1953-55 6 Volt Spark Plug Wire Separators

Black Plastic, Just Like Original.

Set of two, $30.00

1953-55 6-Cylinder Exhaust Manifold

Cast iron. Poured above the surface.


1953-1955 Exhaust Outlet, Body, Fiberglass
     - Tube $75.00
     - Bezel $75.00
     - Tube & Bezel $140.00

1958 Hood

Rear Exhaust Extension Donuts

Assembled with copper clips and attaching rivets. Three pieces get riveted on to your exhaust extension.

$125.00 pair
$65.00 each

Rubber only, can be used with your retainer and clips

$45.00 pair
$25.00 each


Grossmueller Classics is proud to be introducing a new service: 56 - 62 Window Regulator restoration! We can recondition your old unit, perform a core exchange, or simply sell them outright - your choice.

OUTRIGHT: $350.00 RH or LH

1956-62 Restored Window Regulators
Repro 1953-55 Glove Box Door


A new reproduction, painstakingly copied from an original. All correct cuts and shapes - not a modified passenger car part. A necessary addition to that top flight restoration.


1953-1955 Door Top Chrome

Original, Rechromed. Show condition.